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Other products

In addition to the graphite program and the production of briquettes for metallurgy, we also offer a number of other products used in metallurgy and foundry.


Precast refractory shapes 

We produce precast refractory products according to the customer’s drawings and quality requirements. They are characterized by high dimensional accuracy and it is possible to produce even very complex shapes. These include, e.g., refractory shapes for solid fuel boilers and fireplaces, including decorative refractory blocks with high aesthetic requirements.

Our precast products are used in various industry sectors, especially in the production and processing of aluminium.

Refractory materials for metallurgical units 

We offer high-quality refractory materials for metallurgical units of steel mills and foundries (electric arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, RH stations, and oxygen converters). The refractory materials are mainly formed products (shaped pieces), unformed products (refractory concrete, mortar, ramming mass) and argon blowers.

In addition to linings for metallurgical units, we also supply rotary and shaft kiln linings for lime and cement plants.

Burnt rice husk

Burnt rice husk insulating powder is used in ladles and tundishes. It is produced by roasting natural rice husk in a protective atmosphere. Burnt husk has a stable shape and does not change its insulating properties. It is added to the molten steel bath in the original packaging. It forms a compact layer on the surface of molten steel to minimize the absorption of oxygen and nitrogen and to bind aluminium inclusions. Burnt rice husk provides excellent insulation at minimal cost.

Burnt rice husk is packed in 5 kg plastic bags in cardboard boxes on a pallet.

Chromite sand

We supply 0.29-0.34 mm grain size foundry grade chromite sand (AFS 45-55). The sand is from mines in South Africa and is dried and sorted in the European Union. Chromite sand is used as a highly refractory casting sand for particularly stressed parts of foundry moulds and cores.

The sand is packed in 1.5 ton big bags.

Steel shot granulate

Steel shot granulate is an abrasive material most often used for cleaning steel and cast-iron castings, rusty or painted surfaces and welding scales. It is also used for shot peening. We offer high-quality round steel granulate and sharp-edged steel grit with high durability in all standard grain sizes and degrees of hardness. 

The steel granulate is packed in one-ton big bags or in 25 kg plastic or paper bags on pallets.

Gouging electrodes

Gouging carbon electrodes are mainly used in foundries for repairing surface defects of castings by gouging or for cutting metal scrap. We offer a wide range of carbon electrodes including classic round, flat and jointed electrodes.

The electrodes are packed in cardboard boxes of 50 and 100 pieces, larger diameters are packed in boxes of 15 and 30 pieces.