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We are an international company producing and trading in graphite electrodes and other carbon and graphite products such as carburisers, ferroalloys, refractory linings, synthetic slag and other metallurgical and foundry materials.

„Do what no one else has ever invented or what no one else is doing.“

        — Pavel Janiczek


The company was founded in 1993 as a family enterprise. We have gradually become a production and trading company and have customers across Europe and around the world.

In the long term, we place emphasis on developing new ideas and projects. We have our own research and development team. Thanks to successful research and development results (e.g. antioxidant impregnation of graphite electrodes, waste briquetting, dust pelletizing, developing new graphite products) we are gradually extending our activities and increasing production capacities.

We also focus on industrial waste treatment and recycling to contribute to environmental protection.

We employ more than 50 % of people with reduced working ability.

We are a long-term holder of the EN ISO 9001 certificate.

Main objectives and policy of the company