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Graphite products

Graphite products are used for applications which require mechanical strength at high temperatures, chemical resistance and electrical conductivity.

We produce graphite parts according to customer’s  drawings, including providing the required quality of the graphite material.

Our specialized graphite processing machining centre cuts, turns, mills, drills and grinds on modern CNC machine tools. We machine parts up to 1,270 x 610 x 720 mm (milling machine), or Ø 900 x 3,500 mm (lathe).

In addition to machining, we vacuum impregnate with antioxidants, which reduces burn-off and extends the service life of thermally exposed graphite parts.

Our standard products include degassing rotors for aluminium refining, crucibles, ingot moulds, troughs, rods and tubes made of various types of extruded and isostatically pressed graphite.