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Graphite electrodes

Graphite electrodes are designed for arc furnaces, ladle furnaces and melting furnaces for the production of ferroalloys and corundum.

We offer HP, SHP and UHP grade graphite electrodes in diameter range 152-610 mm.

We produce graphite electrodes from semi-finished graphitised bars by machining for perfect geometry of the sockets and end surfaces. The manufacturing process includes measuring the internal parameters of electrodes including non-destructive ultrasound measurement of the strength of electrodes and connecting nipples.

To reduce consumption and to increase the usability of graphite electrodes, we impregnate them with antioxidants. We fill the voids in the graphite structure with a crystalline antioxidant in the whole volume of the electrode body using vacuum technology with a subsequent heat treatment. The impregnation protects the electrodes from lateral burn-off and increases their mechanical strength and thermal conductivity.

The machining, measuring and impregnating of graphite electrodes are certified according to ISO 9001.