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Graphite carburisers are used in order to increase the carbon content of molten steel or cast iron, to foam the slag in electric arc furnaces and as an additive to moulding compositions.

We offer graphite carburisers of our own production as well as crushed graphite and graphite pellets.

Graphite carburisers have a high carbon content and low content of sulphur, ash and other undesirable substances. For crushed graphite we guarantee a minimum content of carbon of 98 % and a maximum content of sulphur of 0.1 % and a maximum content of ash of 0.8 %.

For graphite pellets we guarantee the minimum carbon content of 97 % with a maximum sulphur content of 0.1 %, a maximum ash content of 0.8 % and a maximum content of volatile substances of 1%. The pellets are cylindrical with a diameter of 6 mm and a length of 5-25 mm

We supply graphite carburisers packed in big bags or in 15-25 kg plastic or paper bags.