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Briquetted ferroalloys

Oval ferroalloy briquettes are a full-value and cost-effective alternative to lump ferroalloys used as alloying materials in steel and cast iron production.

We produce ferroalloy briquettes by briquetting ferroalloy fines on rotary briquetting presses. The produced briquettes have a high strength and low binder content and therefore do not increase the amount of slag during alloying. The oval briquettes’ standard dimensions are 55 x 50 x 40 mm. They are produced in the best shape and size for automated dosing from hoppers without the risk of clogging.

We specialize in producing briquetted FeSi and SiMn. We produce FeSi briquettes with a guaranteed silicon content of 60 to 70 % according to the customer’s requirements. SiMn briquettes are produced with a manganese content of at least 60 %. We can modify the chemical composition of briquettes by a suitable combination of input materials according to the requirements of individual customers.

We can also produce other types of ferroalloy briquettes such as FeMn, FeCr, FeP, FeV, FeMo, SiC etc.

Our briquettes are available in big bags or in bulk.