Insulation rice chaff

Insulation backfill in the form of rice chaff CENISOL-A is used in ladles and tundish. It is generated by roasting rice chaff in a protectve atmosphere. CENISOL-A keeps a stable shape and that is why it maintains its insulation properties in an unchanged state. It is added to steel bath in its original packaging. At the level of melted steel it makes a compact layer that minimises oxygen and nitrogen absorption and couples aluminium inclusions. The result of application is excellent insulation with minimum consumption.

Chemical composition

SiO2          min. 82%
C                max. 10%
Al2O3         max. 1.50%
Fe2O3        max. 0.80%

Dimension range

0-2 mm

Packed in 5 kg paper bags in cardboard boxes on palettes.


Backfill is not a hazardous material. It is recommended to store it in dry premises.