By virtue of successful applications of R&D results such as impregnation of graphite electrodes, waste briquetting, or dust waste pelletization, the company keeps growing and expanding its manufacturing capacity.

Over the years JAP INDUSTRIES s.r.o. has also made substantial investments in production facilities and their expansion. New manufacturing premises have been built at the Baliny industrial zone in Trinec – Konska, including manufacturing facilities.

At the same time the company is improving the level and speed of IT management. Due to continuous targeted development the company is becoming one of the leading players in the industry. JAP INDUSTRIES s.r.o. is the holder of ISO 9001:2008 certificate of quality.

Currently JAP INDUSTRIES s.r.o. employs more than 80 employees, the majority of whom are disadvantaged workers. Due to further company expansion, the management structure and system has been changed.

Internal organization of the company

  • Company management
  • Sales department
  • Manufacturing department
  • Finance department
  • Research & development

Company objectives and policy

  • Directing all activity to satisfying customer needs with the aim of exceeding their expectations and establishing long-term relationships
  • Observing legal requirements in force in the fields of quality, the environment, occupational safety and other areas
  • Continuous improvement of the procedures in place, product innovation with the emphasis on quality, learning from our own mistakes and preventing their repetitive occurrence through consistent corrective measures
  • Increasing the share of our own production
  • Creating further jobs suitable for employing disabled workers
  • Processing and recycling industrial waste while making products for further processing or use, and thus contributing to environmental protection
  • Cooperation with professional entities (e.g. research institutions, universities) and customers on innovations and new product development within the line of business