Research and development

Research & development of new products and production technology is quite important for the company as it brings originality and an increase of the added value of its products. Due to successful R&D results the company can develop further and introduce new and exciting products to the market.

JAP INDUSTRIES s.r.o. concentrates mainly on the development of new technology for raw material processing in metallurgy as well as processing the waste generated in metallurgy and other industries. Research projects are conducted in cooperation with scientific institutions, certified laboratories, testing shops, universities and last but not least directly with manufacturing companies for which the developed products are intended.

R&D helps the company to hold pace with our competition and to keep extending the portfolio of our products and services. Key research results include, for instance, proven briquetting technology or the technology of graphite electrodes impregnation. By virtue of this technology the company has strengthened its position as a key manufacturer of quality products in the field of ferro-alloys and graphite electrodes.

Over the coming years our principle R&D objective will be inventing new technology in the area of metallurgy waste recycling.

In the past, we successfully completed the following grant projects published by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade

Project FR-TI2/319 - Research and Development of Briquetting Flow Enhancer Agents of Steel Slags Based on By-products of Production of Electrically Fused Corundum. (2010 - 2014, MPO/FR)

Project FI-IM4/229 - New Method of Granulating Steel Mill Fly-ash Enabling Its Recycling in Convertors and Electric Arc Furnaces. (2007-2010, MPO/FI)

Project FI-IM2/157 - New Method of Reducing Graphite Electrodes Consumption in Electric Arc Furnaces and Its Processing in Ladle Furnaces. (2005-2007, MPO/FI)

Project FD-K2/71 - Technology and System of Briquetting of Industrial Waste. (2002-2004, MPO/FD)