Manufacturing within JAP INDUSTRIES s.r.o. has been a separate division since 1998. Taking into account continuous production expansion in the company, the manufacturing develops on a running basis and the most significant investments are made in it.

Working and measuring graphite electrodes

Based on the increasing demand for the supply of graphite electrodes, a machining CNC centre for machining of electrodes was installed and commissioned in September 2012. The capacity of the new centre is 15,000 t/year. The whole machining centre is connected to a powerful exhaust system with automatic recovery.

Line parameters

  • Machining according to ČSN EN 60239
  • Diameter of the machined electrodes 203 - 610 mm
  • Length of the machined electrodes 1200 - 2800 mm
  • Possibility to create threads for tapered blanks (fracture tough electrodes)
  • Possibility to make nipples in a three-thread design

The plant includes a semi-automatic line for measuring of standard parameters of electrodes

  • Length
  • Diameter
  • Weight
  • Density
  • Specific electric resistance
  • Bending strength

Requirements for machining of non-standard dimensions of electrodes are secured by modified centre lathes.
Part of this operation is also a semi-automatic line for measuring standard parameters such as length, diameter, weight, specific weight, electric resistivity and bending strength.

Sorting tables Measuring strength values

Impregnation of graphite electrodes

This operation was started in 2009 as a result of R&D in the area of reducing electrode consumption by burn-off.

Impregnation technology rests in saturating graphite electrodes with a chemical solution followed by subsequent heat treatment. The electrodes adapted in this way show not only a longer operating life but also better physical parameters.

Briquetting and pelletization of raw materials for metallurgy and foundry industry

Installed equipment enables processing various undersized and dust materials in required shapes and dimensions. The operation is equipped with three briquetting lines with the total capacity of 30,000 t/year.

A new facility comprises mobile equipment for processing of fine dust waste into pellets.

Processing graphite products

The plant focuses on processing of graphite blanks into the shape of the final product such as refining rotors, graphite rods, blocks, crucibles, enclosures, moulds, insulation rings, plates, etc. We supply graphite products for final customers in the area of metallurgy, engineering, glass and chemical industry.

In summer 2012, the plant was transferred to a new building in the Bystrice. The workplace is equipped with modern CNC mill, and CNC lathe with a turntable 3000 mm long and with the diameter of 750 mm. The lathe is provided with equipment for rotating tools allowing production of a complete range of graphite electrode connections. The production is further secured by centre lathes up to the diameter of 1250 mm and turning length of 5 m, vertical saw up to the diameter of 600 mm and horizontal band saw up to the diameter of 800 mm. Individual pieces of equipment are linked to the central exhaust system separating coarse graphite particles used as recarburizer. There is a 5t bridge crane installed in the hall.

Repairs of sliding gates of casting ladles

A complete line for repairs of sliding gates enables putting repaired gates back into operation with the aim of lowering the cost of new gates. The operating life of refurbished ceramic gates can be fully compared to new gates. Depending on the level of wear, gates can be refurbished repeatedly.

Production of refractory repair materials based on magnesite for electric arc furnaces

For the repair of steel furnace bottoms or slag lines and the furnace door repair, the production of alkaline unmould mixtures under the JAMAG trade-name has been launched. This product based on magnesite is prepared in continuous mixing equipment with the capacity of 8 t/hour. The mixture is packed in big-bags.


This operation unit produces various machinery parts for both our own needs and job-order manufacture.

Machinery equipment

  • Centre lathes SU 50, SU 90
  • Flat-grinding machine BS 300
  • Milling machine FG32, Atmos
  • Drilling machine VO32, VO50
  • Wire straightening machine with cutting device (max. diam. 8 mm)
  • Sheet shears (th. 10mm)
  • Band-saw for metals (max. diam. of cut material – 450 mm)
  • Eccentric presses max. 63 t
  • Hydraulic press 100 t
  • Welding aggregates MIG/MAG, TIG methods, plasma