Standard carburisers

Carburisers are products used for rough carburizing of molten steel as well as materials for fine carburizing in secondary matallurgy, for slag foaming at steel melting in electric arc furnaces, and as an addition to snad mixtures.

On the market, there are several types of carburisers that differ as to the content of carbon, sulphur and ash. Our product range includes graphite carburiser, calcined petrol-coke and calcined anthracite.

Chemical composition

Graphite carburiser

C                                         min.98%
S                                        max. 0,1%
ash                                     max. 0.8%
volatile substances         max. 0.8%
moisture                            max. 0.5%

Calcined petrol-coke

C                                          min. 98%
S                                         max. 0.8%
ash                                      max. 0.8%
volatile substances          max. 0.5%
moisture                             max. 0.5%

calcined anthracite

C                                             min. 95%
S                                             max. 0.3%
ash                                         max. 4%
volatile substances              max. 0.8%
moisture                                 max. 1%

Packed in big bags.