Briquette production

Briquetting is a process during which raw materials in a dusty state are pressed together with a liquid bonding agent to the final single-piece form of briquettes that enables their further industrial use.

Our technology enables processing various bulk raw materials with a grit size of up to 8 mm. Briquetting mixture can be made of up to four different materials that are before briquetting continually mix with the liquid bonding agent. This results in polycomponent briquettes which, due to their properties, become a valuable input material for various industrial applications.

The briquetting process itself is preceded by the preparation phase involving client consultations with the aim of finding the optimum composition of briquetting mixture including the choice of the binder. According to the nature of the briquetting material and the customer's needs, we can choose among several proven organic and inorganic binder. After the preparatory phase, the stage of checking proposed prescriptions follows. In reality that means a couple of approx. 15 kg briquetting series are produced, as per various prescription modifications, and after the briquettes harden their physical and chemical properties are evaluated. After the evaluation an optimum prescription is selected and it is then used for briquetting on an industrial scale.

We have had long-term experience with ferroalloys briquetting. We have also successfully managed briquetting technology of other materials such as slag, dust exhausts, coke, coal, anthracite, and others.


Pellet production

Pelletisation is a method of granulating fine grained or dusty materials. In this way, nonabrasive fine grained materials are pressed in the shape of cylinders with a diameter 4 to 8 mm (as per the die type).

Fine grained and dusty materials quite often result as a by-product of machining or other manufacturing processes and, as such, it is difficult to exploit them. For further processing, these materials have to be granulated first. In case the dusty material cannot be mixed with other bulk materials with larger granulation, such material cannot be processed using briquetting technology. On the contrary, pelletisation is an ideal procedure for this type of material. The company has the equipment that can pelletise up to two different bulk, fine grained materials. However, before the pelletisation itself it is always necessary to carry out checking tests as not all materials are suitable for pelletisation. Generally it is possible to process various kinds of dust fly-ash, fine grained graphite, coke, anthracite, or coal with our the pelletisation equipment.