Steel and cast iron granulate

Round steel shot

Round steel S-type granulate is made of hyper-eutectoid, specially treated steel. It has a fine, homogenous structure of tempered martensite that shows optimum reflective resilience and material fatigue resistance. This material is optimal for most blasting applications using impellers. The properties of this product, especially its operating life and resistance to shock, allow maximum cleaning efficiency at optimum costs.

Steel grit - GA, GB, GC

G - Crushed sharp-edged steel is made by crushing granulate grains of a larger diameter, specially thermally treated. It is used for surface cleaning and treatment. It is made in three different hardness grades.

Chemical composition

C                0.75-1.20%
Mn              0.60-1.10%
Si                0.60-1.10%
P                 max 0.04%
S                 max 0.04%


Steel granulate                       460-560 HV (46-53 HRC)
Crushed steel GA (GH)         800-1,000 HV (64-69 HRC)
Crushed steel GB (GL)          600-700 HV (54-59 HRC)
Crushed steel GC (GP)         450-550 HV (42-53 HRC

Tolerance +/-40HV (+/-2 HRC)

Packed in 25 kg bags on a palette or in a 1 t big bag.

Storing and usable life

Steel granulate must be stored in enclosed dry premises. If properly stored, its usable life is at least 1 year from the production date.