Briquetted fluxing agent of refining slags
(briquetted synthetic slag)

Briquetted fluxing agent of refining slags is made from a mixture of fused alumina powder, dolomite and other components. It is used for lowering the smelting temperature of basic refining slags. Active liquid refining slag is the necessary condition for production of high-quality steels with a low content of sulphur and undesirable inclusions. Due to its chemical composition refining slag remains liquid for a long period of time compared to a limited period of time in the fluxing process with use of CaF2 when harmful gas compound SiF4 results from interaction with SiO2 in slag, and after vaporizing of fluorides from the slag it hardens again.

Product specification:

  • briquetted shape, size of briquettes ca. 50 x 50 x 35 mm
  • high content of Al2O3 in the form of fine-grained fused alumina
  • it does not contain any metallic aluminium (suitable also for production of steel with a low content of Al)
  • it is not harmful to the environment or health of the steelworkers (does not contain harmful fluoride compounds as metallurgical fluorspar or ammonia, and residues of refining salts as aluminium skimmings)
  • it is not the typical synthetic slag with an optimal ratio of CaO: Al2O3 but it is used as a fluxing agent in a specified ratio with lime
  • quick dilution of briquettes and assimilation by refining slag
  • economical alternative compared to smelted synthetic slags and metallurgical fluorspar - efficiency is comparable with smelted synthetic slags - excellent desulphurization ability of slag in combination with lime
  • it does not damage the refractory linings of furnaces and ladles

More information about all types of briquetted synthetic slags can be found in the downloadable documents.

The solution was implemented with financial support provided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Rep.

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