Impregnated electrodes

Impregnated electrodes result from a long-term research & development process in the field of reducing graphite electrode consumption in individual production units. Impregnation technology rests in saturating graphite electrodes with a chemical solution followed by thermal stabilisation. The electrodes treated in such way not only show a longer operating life but at the same time also better physical parameters.


  • Full volume electrode impregnation by an antioxidant
  • Burn-off protection also after burning of the surface layer
  • Increase of electrode strength by up to 10%
  • Possibility of replacing UHP electrodes on arc furnaces in full dimension range
  • Price savings of up to 30%
  • Lower consumption by up to 25%


Due to the change in the parameters of impregnated electrodes such as bending strength, thermal conductivity coefficient, resistance to oxidation etc., we also offer, besides standard electrode quality, impregnated electrodes that are optimised for various working conditions. Long-term experience with graphite elctrodes, permanent quality testing and a close cooperation with electrode manfacturers enable us to offer the impregnated electrodes with larger diameters for demanding applications and at lower pricing and with at least the same consumption.

Dimension range

152 mm – 610 mm