Graphite electrodes

Graphite electrodes are intended for arc furnaces, ladl furnaces and melting furnaces for manufacturing ferroalloys, magnesite and corundum.



Dimension range

152 mm – 610 mm


  • Just-in-time deliveries from a warehouse in the CR
  • 100% control of electrode and nipple inner parameters including non-destructive bending strength measurement
  • 100% control of electrodes and nipple connections
  • Impregnation using antioxidant
  • Repairs of damaged electrodes
  • Optimisation of electrode consumption

In 2012, a new CNC machining centre was installed for machining threads into graphite electrodes. In connection with this significant investment, a marked change to the whole technology-production process has been implemented.

Currently, the Company buys the initial graphite cylinder blanks from verified manufacturers. The cylinders are additionally provided with anti-oxidant impregnation as necessary. Impregnated and non-impregnated graphite cylinders are subject to further high-precision machining on the automatic CNC line.

Nipples are checked at a special workstation; resistance and bending strength limits are measured.

A checked nipple is mounted to each electrode at the output from the CNC line and the tolerance is checked.

The parameters of the assembled graphite electrode are subsequently verified on a semi-automatic linewhere its diameters, resistance, bending strength and density are checked.

This whole process takes place within ISO 9001:2008 certification and significantly enhances the reliability of our product.

CNC machining centre

Examples of graphite electrodes application