Graphite pellets

Graphite pelletized carburisers are very clean carburisers made of undersized fractions of clean graphite.

Graphite carburisers are produced by pelletization (extruding the mixture through a die with holes of the chosen diameter) and can be used in all applications where steel or cast iron should be carburized.

They are noted for high carburization efficiency, high cleanness, high carbon content, low content of sulphur, ash and other impurities.

Chemical composition


Cd                  min. 97.5%
Sd                  max. 0.1%
Ad                  max. 0.8%
Vdaf               max. 1%
Wrt                 max. 0.5%

Dimension range

diameter 8 mm
length 5-25 mm

Packed in big bags.